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Our Story

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It all began at the local library. Shortly after we moved from California to the rural Eastern Shore of Virginia, I buckled my two young kids into the car and headed to the local library in hopes of meeting new friends. At the library, we attended a class called ‘Backyard Weeds That Heal.’ The facilitator, a homeschooling homesteading herbalist and veritable Wonder Woman, took us into the library’s lawn and began pointing out all the incredible plant allies growing right around us. I was instantly hooked and jumped right into my herbal journey both feet first. I checked out every book the library had on medicinal herbs, binge read the entire weekend, and informed my family that I had found my calling and was going back to school.

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Not long after my journey began, I earned a post-baccalaureate certification in Herbal Medicine from Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH) in 2016. From there, I began teaching classes about herbal medicine and the incredible healing powers of common everyday plants. I worked with community gardens, homeschool co-ops, private organizations, and garden centers…anyone who would listen!


My passion for plants landed me back at MUIH where I earned a post-baccalaureate certification in Health and Wellness Coaching and a Master of Science in Clinical Herbal Medicine in 2021. All the while, I started my own herbal garden and turned my kitchen into an apothecary, where I threw myself (once again, both feet first) into learning how to best combine herbs to make delicious and exciting teas to showcase the medicinal properties of herbs. One summer day after tending our herbal garden, now sprawling gorgeously in raised beds around the house, I was in our kitchen apothecary mixing and brewing up my latest herbal concoction. Out of nowhere, my children remarked, “Wow, mom—you’re like a little green witch.” The name stuck.


With my family’s support, The Little Green Witch Apothecary took flight at the Berlin, Maryland, Farmers Market in 2020. My vision was to bring delicious, custom-formulated and hand-blended herbal teas to our community and friends. That first year was such an incredible learning experience! We preached the magic of herbal tea to anyone who would listen, and like-minded tea drinkers began coming out of the woodwork.


We firmly believe that taking the time to relax with a delightful, tasty cup of herbal tea is an act of kindness and self-care in this fast-paced and busy world. We invite you to enjoy our custom tea blends – try one cup and you’ll swear it’s magic!

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