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Outreach & Education

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Herbal First Aid: This class focuses on common herbs and ‘weeds’ that can help soothe and heal everyday wounds, bruises, and scrapes. We will discuss the history of first aid herbs such as Yarrow and Calendula. Attendees will receive a topical healing salve to take home. 


Back-to-School Herbal Wellness: This September class is all about supporting our families as we head back to school. We will cover herbs commonly used for cold and flu; as well as herbs to help settle nerves and first-day jitters. Attendees will receive a do-it-yourself Elderberry Syrup kit and instructions. 


Hidden Healing: Let’s take a look at the medicinal spices and herbs lurking in your spice drawer! In this class, we will discuss the therapeutic properties of common spices and herbs such as Black Pepper, Thyme, and Sage. Attendees will be given several recipes and will receive a salve used to support chest and throat congestion. 


Herbal Aphrodisiacs: This lively Valentine’s Day class covers the herbs and spices traditionally used to make a person feel loved and beautiful. Attendees will receive a recipe for ‘Date Night Truffles’ and will go home with a Decadent Chai Tea blend. 


Heart Health: This class covers herbs commonly used to support and strengthen heart health. We will discuss therapeutic actions for a wide-range of heart related conditions such as high blood pressure and cholesterol. Attendees will receive a custom-blended Heart Ease Tea. 


Stress Busters: In our fast-paced, high stress world we could all use a time out! This class focuses on the herbs commonly used to soothe frazzled nerves and chronic stress. Attendees will receive a custom blended tea to enjoy at home in a quiet moment of self care. 


Sensational Skin: Love the skin you’re in! This class zeroes in on herbs commonly used to support skin health; from wrinkles, to sun burn, herbs have long been used to heal and nourish skin. Attendees will receive a custom-blended infused skin care oil to take home. 


Spa Day: Treat yourself to a spa day! This fun and engaging class focuses on herbs and spices used to pamper your skin and hair. We will discuss do-it-yourself recipes for facials, hair treatments, and bath salts. Attendees will be invited to blend an herbal treatment specific to their skin type to take home. 


Herbal Holiday: This informative hands-on class covers do-it-yourself herbal gifts for the holiday season. We will discuss the therapeutic properties of common holiday herbs while learning how to blend them into thoughtful gifts for family and friends. Attendees will receive a Ginger Cookie Lip Balm and have the opportunity to custom blend a Mulling Spice packet. 


Happy Garden: This spring class covers herbs to grow here on the Eastern Shore for your own medicinal garden. We will discuss the plant properties and therapeutic actions of common herbs such as Spearmint, Rosemary, and Thyme. Attendees will be invited to plan their own Top Five Herbal Garden and will receive an herbal honey to enjoy at home. 

Sleep Please: The Centers for Disease Control estimates that one in three Americans are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis. This class will discuss the herbs commonly used to support healthy sleep habits. Attendees will receive a custom blended Sleep Tea to enjoy at home.

Little Green Witch MicroHomebrew Kit Instructions: Did you purchase one of our microhomebrew kits from our store? You can access more in-depth brewing instructions here. Winter Ale instructions here. India Pale Ale instructions here.

Bring The Little Green Witch Apothecary to your group!


We offer herbal outreach and education classes for small groups (up to 20) on a wide variety of topics. We are happy to tailor a class topic specific to your group’s interests and needs. Classes include an hour of instruction and exploration of your chosen topic. All participants receive a custom-blended herbal product to take home


 For pricing and scheduling please email today!

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