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January 2024 Full Moon Herb Highlight

January 2024 Full Moon Herb Highlight

Today’s full moon is known as the Cold Moon, pretty apt given the nation’s temperatures these past few weeks! When thinking about combating cold one herb immediately jumps to mind - Ginger.

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is one of the most delicious and versatile herbs in any kitchen apothecary. It has been used for centuries and is one of the most widely studied herbs. Its popularity is well deserved! Energetically ginger is warming and drying making it a lovely choice for conditions of cold and damp congestion. It is circulatory and diffusive meaning it moves blood and fluid through the body. A strong cup of ginger tea is one of the first things I reach for when my nose and sinuses are stuffed up.

As a powerful anti-inflammatory it is a great friend to folks in various types of pain. It’s widely used for arthritic pain, bruises, sore muscles, and discomfort associated with menstrual cramps. I personally keep a ginger-infused massage oil on hand for those times when I push the workout a bit too far…or as sometimes happens now that I’m halfway through my forties when I simply wake up and everything hurts for no reason, ha!

It is simply delicious and pairs with almost everything. The combinations are near limitless and can range from spearmint to cayenne. Because it is so hot it isn’t recommended for folks already showing signs of excess heat; or those whose natures may already be a bit firery.

Magically ginger is a catalyst - a spell’s equivalent to a ‘power up.’ It adds punch and heat and is often included in success and love spells.

As we continue through the dark days of midwinter I invite you to bring a little heat and power to your kitchen with ginger.

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