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May 2024 Full Moon Herb Highlight

Today’s full moon is known as The Flower Moon and I cannot think of a more appropriate plant to highlight than Red Clover! Red Clover (Trifolium pratense) is in full glorious bloom in my garden right now - bringing smiles to faces and joy to pollinators.

This beautiful meadow and roadside plant is proof, yet again, that Mother Nature loves us and wants us to be healthy! Red Clover is what herbalists refer to as an Alterative; a group of plants that ‘alter’ the body towards health by aiding in assimilating nutrients and eliminating waste. Most Alteratives influence body fluid in some way. Red Clover is specific to lymph. The Lymphatic System is hands-down one of my favorite body systems! While often under-appreciated, this hard working system keeps us detoxified, keeps our cardiovascular system in good order, and aids the immune system in keeping us well. Red Clover boasts a wide-array of therapeutic properties. It is used to support skin health, eczema, menopause, PMS, cough, metabolic disease and tumors - whew! That is one impressive list! Energetically it is cooling and drying. There are theoretical concerns that the phytoestrogen aspects of clover may not be appropriate in certain forms of cancer. While no studies exist to answer definitely, its generally recommended to avoid in estrogen-receptor positive cancer.

Red Clover is a friend to herbalists and farmers alike. You’ll often see clover used as a cover crop. As a member of the pea family it fixes nitrogen in the soil, helps to break up heavy clay, and provides nutrient biomass when plowed under. The plant pictured here is from my garden bed as its part of our crop rotation plan.

Magically, Clover is considered an herb of protection, luck, fidelity, and success. How many of us spent hours as kids searching clover patches for the illusive four-leaves? Red Clover, when added to bath water, is believed to help with financial arrangements and dealings.

I wish you all a beautiful end to the Spring Season and a happy Full Moon!

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