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August 2023 Full Moon Highlight

August 2023 Full Moon

Today’s full moon highlight celebrates an herb that, in my humble green opinion, is the taste of summer - Sweet Basil! This heat-loving herb is at its peak right now and we’re all the more blessed because of it. I find Basil to be energizing, bright, and full of flavor.

Besides being a culinary powerhouse, Basil (Ocimum basilicum) also boasts an impressive laundry list of therapeutic uses. It works primarily on the digestive and nervous systems. Like its mint cousins, Basil helps relieve gas, stomach cramps, nausea, and vomiting. It is one of the first herbs I reach for to head off a headache - particularly one brought on by nerves or stress. Basil is enlivening and is often included in formulas to improve concentration, awareness, and memory. As an antibacterial, Basil lends itself to first aid and house cleaning preparations. White vinegar infused with Basil and Lemon is my favorite counter spray and leaves the kitchen smelling fantastic!

Energetically it is cooling and slightly drying. There are many cultivars though - some which can get spicy. Magically Basil is used in spells from love to exorcism, wealth, and protection - a little bit of everything! Basil is often used to purify the home during the holiday Lammas which coincides with today’s full moon. A simple wash is used to wipe down doorways and windowsills dispelling negativity and inviting peace and prosperity.

I wish you a blessed season and a little Basil goodness!

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