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Beltane 2023

Happy Beltane or May Day! Today is one of my favorite holidays in the Wheel of the Year as everywhere you look there is the hope and promise of new life. Plants are springing to life, the bees have returned, the frogs are singing, and (at least in my neighborhood) we are beginning to see the first wave of goslings in the ponds. The world feels new.

I think it such a fantastic omen that today also marks the first day of a years long journey for me - keys to a storefront! Just as nature around us is coming to life so to is my dream.

New life is hard work. Just ask any mother goose, worker bee, or faithful gardener - raising young and bringing in a harvest takes time, patience, and grit. And rarely is ever done alone. I’m so grateful for the folks who’ve supported me in this expression of new life. The folks who’ve come with me from market to market hauling buckets in and out of cars. The folks who brought me coffee and words of support as I was struggling through herbal studies in grad school. The folks who were willing to give up closets, dining room tables, and kitchen counters as my herb work spilled into every area of the house. My family. This life is possible because of them.

Before we clean, spackle, paint, and install I’ve chosen to mark the walls of the new store with the Runic symbol Ing. This rune indicates the ending of an old phase of life to give birth to a new and more exciting one. It’s the symbol of a milestone and positive deliverance. It’s exactly how I feel.

I wish you all a blessed Beltane and minds free of worry. I hope you are surrounded by new life and possibility!

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