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Samhain 2023

Happy Samhain! Samhain, or Halloween, marks the change of the season, the final harvest, and a time when the veil between this world and the next is at its thinnest. It’s the time of year to watch for signs and heed them when they come. I had a whole Herbal Highlight post ready to go for today…and then I received a sign and decided I’d better pivot, ha!

I’ve long considered Frogs to be my familiars. I love their shapes, colors, and most of all their songs. I’m fortunate to live in a place where the Frog Chorus can be heard most nights between Spring and Fall; falling asleep with the windows open listening to their music brings me great joy. This past weekend I set out to tidy the garden and prep it for its Winter rest. I had this romantic notion of getting the garden all tucked away just in time for Saturday’s full moon to shine down on it. Yet, as I reached over to harvest the last of the basil I found a perfect, tiny, beautiful Frog. For those of you who know me well you know I almost never carry my phone and always forget to take pictures! I hightailed it back inside to grab the phone and document my visitor. I began to walk around the beds and the closer I looked the more Frogs I discovered! They were perched on the basil, tucked into the spearmint, and hiding beneath the nasturtium. Needless to say I did not clear out the garden beds leaving everything exactly as it was. In magic, Frogs are considered signs of transformation, healing, and voice; Toads are messengers and bringers of prosperity. I’m left with the idea that I’ve been given a ‘homework assignment’ this Samhain. What do I need to give voice to? What transformation is ahead? What healing can I help cultivate? I’m pretty sure the answers to these questions will be revealed as the Wheel of the Year continues to turn. I wish you all a very happy and blessed Samhain - be on the look out for signs!

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