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Winter Solstice

Happy Solstice Friends! Winter Solstice, or Yule, is all about promise and potential. While it is the longest night of the year we can be assured that each day from this point forward will bring a bit more sunlight into our lives. In my home we celebrate Solstice with fire (OK, if I’m honest pretty much all celebrations in my house find us gathered round the fire pit, ha!)

I like to gather herbs together for my family to create a personalized bundle to place on the old Yule Log. You don’t need to look far for herbs that have long been used to bring blessings - many are hiding in your cupboard right now! Would you like a promotion this year? Burn bay leaf. Looking for love? Throw in some cardamom. Do you need some extra cash? Try basil and ginger. I place these herbs in a simple paper envelope with a few written words of intention or prayer before throwing it atop a blazing fire. I love the idea that my wishes and hopes are sent out to the universe in the fire’s smoke and light. Whatever your family tradition may be today I wish you light and peace this Solstice!

Apple: love and healing

Basil: protection, courage, wealth

Bay: promotion, wisdom, strength

Cardamom: love

Chamomile: purification, sleep, peace

Cinnamon: success, healing, power

Clove: wealth, ward off negativity

Cumin: protection of belongings

Dill: wealth, protection

Fennel: protection, healing

Garlic: protection, power

Ginger: love, success, money, power

Lavender: peace, creativity

Mint: protection, prosperity, money

Mustard: good luck, health

Nettle: restore balance

Nutmeg: prosperity, comfort

Oats: wealth, security

Pepper: protection, ward off negativity

Rosemary: blessings, protection, love, courage

Sage: wisdom, health

Thyme: courage, swift action, protection

Wheat: fertility, wealth, good fortune

(Original artwork by Evie Eggers)


Cunningham, S. (2019). Encyclopedia of magical herbs. Woodbury, MN: Llewellyn Publications.

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